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Some of the paintings are as big as 48"x72"

I have designed many logos.

I am painting "Greetings from New York City".

I'm Tim.


I started painting over six decades ago
and began winning art competitions at an
early age.


I grew up in the Chicago area and
received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Working as a freelance illustrator and
designer, I produced art for advertising
agencies, book and magazine publishers
and corporations. One of my especially
fun designs is the Terrapin Beer turtle logo.
The original design can be seen at the
Terrapin Taproom at Atlanta Braves new
Truist Park.


My wife Lou and I owned and operated
the McWilliams Gallery in Libertyville, IL
exhibiting the work of regional artists while
I independently developed my unique
style of painting.


I call my work Pop-Pointintism. I have
painted millions of dots of acrylic paint over many years and my work has been viewed by people from around the world. All ages find it fascinating.


Each piece of art requires hundreds of
hours of concentration and thousands
and thousands of small brush strokes of
color, each stroke requiring a decision.
Any given square inch may contain as
many as 18 different colors within the
hundreds of dots. The process is
mathematical, scientific and intuitive.


My paintings have been exhibited in
galleries, fine art shows and are in private
collections around the country.

I hope you enjoy!

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